Nuestra Tierra logo banderitas picadas

Nuestra Tierra

Nuestra Tierra is a celebration of Earth Week in conjunction with Olvera Street’s anniversary. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to develop their identity. The logo is highly inspired by “banderitas picadas”. I managed Nuestra Tierra’s Facebook account for a year and developed content like skins, shareables, and live updates. I also designed all the printed promo materials which included English and Spanish versions of the poster, a large banner, and banderitas picadas. I really enjoyed volunteering for this project!


Logo and sketches of logo

Social Media

Nuestra Tierra's Facebook skin
  • Nuestra Tierra's Facebook 1
  • Nuestra Tierra's Facebook 2
  • Nuestra Tierra's Facebook 3


Nuestra Tierra poster on window
Nuestra Tierra large print banner
Folklorico dancers under banderitas picadas

More Work