Nuestra Tierra

Nuestra Tierra is a celebration of Earth Week in conjunction with Olvera Street's anniversary.

Nuestra Tierra (logo)

The Nuestra Tierra logo is bold and inviting. It features a Monarch butterfly. These butterflies play an important role in pollination across the Americas.

The logo is highly inspired by "banderitas picadas". Both symbols create a fantastic fusion for an Earth Week celebration hosted by Placita Olvera.


I developed creative content and photographed the event to share on their Facebook page.

Email Blast


Brightly colored triangles along with the new logo are incorporated throughout the campaign. English and Spanish posters were placed nearby Olvera Street and throughout small businesses in Los Angeles.

This banner was visible from the Los Angeles Union Station and North Alameda Street traffic.

These little flags are my favorite! I pitched the idea to the event organizer and she got them produced right away!

It was a pleasure working with the organizers on this awesome event. Developing the visual identity and marketing campaign was like a dream come true! I can't wait for next year!

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